We are excited to announce our new search feature which allows you to search recipes by nutrition. You can narrow recipe selections according to their calorie, fat, sodium, cholesterol, carb, protein, or fiber numbers.

Now you can find exactly what you're looking for. Low carb, low sodium, high protein? No problem, the search engine's got you covered. See the new nutrition search feature. You'll also find a link to it on our homepage (below).

I, for one, am really excited about this new feature, since I have a documented problem consuming entirely too much sodium. With this in mind, I took our new engine for a whirl.

I asked it to find me "noodles" that were 500 calories or less (shouldn't be a problem since all our recipes are under 500 calories), low in sodium, and had both protein and fiber. I tapped my fingers together in an evil manner, waiting for it to spit out results, thinking perhaps I had pushed it past what it could find. About two milliseconds later, out came 19 pages of results:


If you're looking for even more detailed search specifications, you might head over to -- the site that hosts all of our recipes, along with all of the recipes from our sister publications like Southern Living and Coastal Living. Our friends over there have just rolled out a revamped search engine that allows you to search for recipes by everything from cuisine to dietary constraints like gluten free and meatless. Just another way for you to search our recipes.

We hope that these new and improved features will make finding what you're looking for easier, so you can spend more time doing what's important.

Give them a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below.