Be sure to check the label on these premade baked sweet treats—they’re often among the prime places trans fats are found in the grocery store.
Credit: Photo: Oxmoor House

What to look for:

Like most desserts, packaged cookies, brownies, and snack cakes can be high in saturated fat, sugars, and calories per serving, so moderation is key. If you eat these products regularly, watch out for those loaded with sugar, and choose those that contain 10 grams or less per serving and preferably as little saturated fat as possible—no more than 1 gram per serving.

Watch out for trans fats.

Individually wrapped and premade desserts can be a jackpot for trans fats—one serving can contain more than the daily maximum amount of trans fats that the American Heart Association considers safe. The same goes for the treats found in the grocery store bakery. For both, you should make sure the ingredient list doesn’t include partially hydrogenated oils. Organic products and those made with all-natural ingredients are usually the best bets. Better yet, make your own from scratch. Try these Heart-Healthy Dessert Recipes.