Popular frozen food brands, including Walmart and Target's store labels, are being recalled due to possible Listeria contamination.
Credit: Photo: AGF / Getty

The National Frozen Foods Corporation has issued a voluntary recall for frozen peas and mixed vegetables due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. 

The frozen foods being recalled were sold under the names Great Value, Market Pantry, First Street, Bountiful Harvest, Live Smart, and Sprouts. These products were distributed to retail stores nationwide between September 2, 2015 and June 2, 2016. 

Listeria, which can cause serious infections that are sometimes fatal, was found to be a potential contaminate in these items during a produce test conducted by the National Frozen Foods Corp. In their recall announcement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says no illnesses related to these products have been reported.

The National Frozen Foods Corporation has a second national recall at this time. This recall from the brand Green Cuisine is due to possible Listeria contamination in their pesto pasta salad with arugula. The pasta salad was sold between June 15 and 16 at Whole Foods Locations in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. 

Additional recalls are expected to be announced as other companies identify the use of the recalled foods in their prepared products. 

If you have any of the recalled food items, you can throw them away or return the products to the store for a possible refund. To see a full list of recalled foods, visit the FDA's website.