Kids snacks are notoriously filled with weird colors and loaded with sugar. Here are a couple that pass our nutrition guidelines—and taste great.

This week on the Cooking Light Taste Test, Chris and I tried kids’ lunchbox snacks. As always, we didn’t know what we’d be trying ahead of time, so we were surprised to find tasty things like smoothie packs, crispy rice bars, and crackers.

We based our picks on three things: Taste, nutrition, and open-ability (because little hands should be able to open their snacks without help!)

Chris (who is a salty snack lover) ended up picking the Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers. He liked that they were salty, but not packed with sodium, and were tasty enough to be kid-approved, but sophisticated enough to layer on a cheese platter.

My favorite snack, on the other hand, was the Simply Natural Kids Apple Multi-Fruit Squeezable Fruit Blend—it tasted like a fruity smoothie, but with applesauce texture. And I bet kids would love it.

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