What the heck is a pepino melon? Or a kiwano? We decided to find out.

Has this ever happened to you: You're wandering through the produce section of the grocery store, and you stumble across something you've never seen before? It's some kind of fruit, but it looks utterly unique. Maybe it resembles a bunch of fleshy, purple chili peppers. Or it's bright yellow and covered in spikes.

You're intrigued—but with no idea how it tastes, or even how to prepare it, you're not sure if you'd even want one, or what to do with it.

Well, this week Jaime and I elected to try five of the strangest looking fruits we could find in our local grocery stores, so you could have a sense of what they are, how they taste, and what you might do with them. And then we chose our favorites.  

As always, we had no idea what we were going to be sampling ahead of time.

First we tried what I called "fingerling grapes" but which are actually called Tear Drops, or Moon Drop grapes. Though they look surprising, they taste almost exactly like standard red grapes.

Then we were confronted with what appeared to be a hairless kiwi—and it turned out it was! It's called a SunGold kiwi, and it has a distinctly different flavor—custardy and sweet, without any of the tartness from a typical green kiwifruit.

Next, we had a bright pink, leafy-looking fruit, that, when sliced open, had bright-white flesh peppered with hundreds of tiny black seeds—a dragon fruit! I have had these before, and while they are beautiful, they tend to be pretty mild-tasting, and almost bland.

Next, Jaime and I found before us, a very strange item, that neither of us had seen before. It looked like an oversized plum tomato, smelled, when cut open, like a banana, and tasted like nothing we'd ever had before. It turned out to be a pepino melon. They're related to tomatoes, but taste sort of like melons!

I had no problems eating mine, though as you'll see in the video, Jaime seemed to have some struggles with the juice.

Finally we tried one of the weirdest fruits I've ever seen: a Kiwano. With a spiky yellow outside, and luminescent green seed-filled inside, it looked like it was from another planet (and, in fact, sci-fi shows use it all the time for exactly that purpose). I very much enjoyed trying it—it's a complete mess to eat, and the seeds get everywhere, but it's delightfully tart and strange-tasting. Jaime was much more on the fence.

You can find out more about all these, and what we thought, by watching the video above. And as always, if you like the video be sure to comment on Facebook or YouTube, and while you're there, subscribe to the channel. You can watch all of our videos so far, and we'll be back with more tasting next week.