This week, a surprising flavor caused some divided opinions.

This week on the Cooking Light Taste Test, Chris and I tried three different types of crunchy seaweed snacks, called "seaweed thins," made by Gimme Organic.

As always, we had no idea what we were trying ahead of time.

I had never had dried seaweed on its own, so I didn’t know what to expect—but I thought it might taste something like sushi. I was wrong. These were not like the papery sheets of toasted seaweed that you might be familar with—instead they were little "chips" made from two sheets of seaweed sandwiching different things, and they came in a variety of different flavors.  Some flavors worked, and some didn’t.

The first flavor we tried was coconut, and I was not a fan. Chris, on the other hand, liked the sweet-and-salty combo. We both agreed it was less than a healthy snack, though, after seeing that a serving had 5g of saturated fat.

The second flavor was sesame and almonds, and it was delightfully crunchy. The savory application worked better (in my opinion), and had no saturated fat.

Both of us found a clear winner in the third flavor—sriracha! It wasn't terribly hot, but there was a mild kick that added a touch of flavor. Even if you don't like spicy food, you might enjoy these--they're something even the wimpiest taste buds could handle. Plus, the entire bag had no sat fat and was just 100 calories.

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