We're not all kale salad and quinoa around here. These are our go-to food indulgences when we think no one's watching. 
Credit: Kutay Tanir

We work hard to bring you the most informed health and food advice on the regular, so you may assume we’re just as impeccable in our choices in our daily lives. But that couldn't be further from the truth—we’re human, and there are definitely a few items you wouldn't expect to see stocked in our pantry and refrigerator shelves. Here are some of our staff’s favorite—and not-so-light—guilty pleasures.

Cooking Shortcuts

“When I'm too lazy to bake my own hard taco shells, I end up buying Taco Bell brand taco shells. They're cheap, only have three ingredients, and they get the job done,” says Hayley Sugg, Assistant Editor. 

Bullion cubes instead of pricey, bulky boxes and bottles of chicken stock are the ultimate convenience hack for Stacey Rivera, our digital content director.

When homemade nacho cheese is too much of a time or energy expenditure to make, good-ol’ cheese dip in a jar is what Cindy Hatcher, our managing editor, reaches for.

“Every once in a while, I'll crave those too-sweet spaghetti sauce brands I grew up with,” says Sugg. While she normally makes her own or buys the top-shelf stuff, “Sometimes I want some red sauce that is verging on the edge of being a sugar bomb.”

Vending Machine and Gas Station Indulgences

When the sugar craving hits, classic powdered doughnuts and honey buns are our Cooking Light Diet Manager Matthew Moore’s weakness.

Corn nuts are our social media editor Rochelle Bilow’s go-to snack food. “But I buy them from Whole Foods so they're labeled Quicos and are therefore bougie.”

Double Stuf Oreos are a favorite sweet-tooth indulgence for our copy director, Jessica Campbell. “They cause me shame and joy simultaneously.”

Spicy Nacho Doritos are Jamie Vespa, our assistant nutrition editor’s, favorite— specifically, in the form of a “chipwich”: “Mounds of chips piled between two slices of bread with other sandwich fixings.”

Notable Mentions

Your favorite nostalgic after school snack, pizza rolls, are also our Senior Digital Editor Daniel Boone’s favorite guilty food favorite.

Gas station boiled peanuts are another one of our copy director, Jessica Campbell’s go-to, unexpected snack. “I'm not really guilty about those, but I know when I eat them I'll feel terrible in about an hour”