Not all grapefruit-flavored waters are created equal. In fact, they all tasted pretty different.

This week on the Cooking Light Taste Test, Chris and I tried four different types of grapefruit-flavored sparkling water. Grapefruit-flavored waters have a pretty wide variety of tastes, it turns out—as usual, we didn’t know what we were tasting until we tried it, and we actually had a difficult time figuring out what the flavor was at first. Chris thought some of them were lemon or lime flavored, and nearly had me convinced!

Sparkling water is typically free of calories, sugar, and carbs—just like regular water—so it’s a great way to stay hydrated while enjoying the fun flavors of juices and sodas. Per usual, we had different favorites, but we both agreed our picks were the best of the bunch.

Chris ended up choosing the ALDI’s Belle Vie as his favorite. I, on the other hand, apparently have a knack for blindly identifying sparkling water brands. I was immediately able to ID Perrier grapefruit sparkling water, and it was my favorite.

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