We didn't know what to expect — but now we're obsessed.
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We're all about a good snack here at Cooking Light. Often times there will be some random assortment of snacks or sweets laid out for editors to peruse and taste, and you know it's a particularly good product when people linger around the tasting table. When Flamous Falafel Chips were put out for consideration, a small mob of editors and interns gathered to enjoy these salty snacks. "Where can I go buy these?" and "I'm just eating these for lunch instead of what I packed." were just a few of the things heard around the table. 

Flamous Falafel Chips are just that—your favorite falafel flavor in a crispy, yet sturdy, chip form. Packed with herbs and veggies, the chips' base ingredients are corn and a variety of beans. Because of the simple ingredients list, these chips are naturally vegan-friendly and gluten-free, plus they're certified organic. Available in the flavors of Original and Spicy, you're sure to find one that's perfect for pairing with hummus. Read below to see our editors' thoughts:


"Falafel flavor is super subtle, but still there and very good."

"Herby and super savory. Perfect for hummus!"

"Crispy, perfect amount of salt."

"Yum! Would be good with yogurt tahini dip."

"Really like this one, great alternative to crackers or regular chips."


"So good—love that it actually has some heat, and it still tastes like chickpeas."

"Love the heat with these — kinda lingers and gets even spicier!"

"Delicious! Nice and thin while still being strong."

"Tasty. The heat is baked in, which seems to round out the flavor and let it linger in the mouth a bit."

"Just spicy enough, makes it perfect to pair with hummus."

Use Flamous Brands' store locator to see if these satisfying snacks are sold near you.