Bean-based and air fryer-friendly, Cool Beans wraps are a better burrito. 
Credit: Cooking Light

As an editor of food and wellness content, I love to cook for myself. Not only do I enjoy preparing my own food, it's also comforting to know every ingredient that goes on my plate. But sometimes I just want to nuke something and eat.  

Thankfully, there are more and more healthy frozen foods to choose from, including Cool Beans

A crispy burrito for under 300 calories? Yes, please. 

Credit: Cooking Light

Cool Beans makes one type of product, wraps, in a variety of flavors—from tikka masala to sesame ginger to spicy chipotle.

All of their wraps start with a tortilla-esque shell made of gluten-free ingredients like chickpea flour and tapioca starch, and are stuffed with beans, veggies, spices, grains, and herbs. 

Credit: Cooking Light

My favorite Cool Beans wrap is the Moroccan gold, which I cooked in my air fryer. The brand suggests folding the the wrap in a damp paper towel and microwaving for about a minute before air frying until golden. This way you get a crispy, chimichanga-like outer shell that tastes like it should be way more calories than it is. 

Speaking of which, all of the Cool Beans wraps are between 240 and 270 calories, leaving plenty of room for a side of hummus and veggies or all the toppings and dippers you like.

Credit: Cooking Light

Personally, I went with my favorite hot sauce to complement the sweet potatoes, kidney beans, millet, and smoky spices of the Moroccan Gold wrap. 

With around six to seven grams of protein and zero to one gram of added sugar, the nutrition panels are as clean as the ingredients. 

Credit: Cooking Light

Founder and CEO Tyler Mayoras created Cool Beans as a nutrition-focused alternative to vegan junk food, which can look deceptively healthy until you flip the box over and see the nutrition and ingredients panel.

Mayoras is also passionate about the environment, so Cool Beans has made strides to reduce its carbon footprint and get certified as climate neutral.

Launched in 2020, Cool Beans can now be found at over 1,200 retailers, including some locations of stores like Sprouts and a plethora of other health food stores, as well as online via Instacart and Vegan Essentials

Currently there are five Cool Beans flavors to choose from: spicy chipotle, Moroccan gold, sesame ginger, tikka masala, and Tuscan basil, one of the newest varieties pictured below. 

Credit: Cool Beans

This new addition boasts a mix of white beans, basil, spinach, tomatoes, quinoa, roasted garlic, and more. 

Check out all the flavors here and find a retailer near you, or order cold-packed Cool Beans online from Vegan Essentials.