The PUR Company’s latest venture might surprise you.
Credit: Courtesy of PUR

If you’ve ever spent time perusing the gum and candy counter at your local convenience store, you definitely know all the big players. Over the last few years, you might have noticed that a certain newcomer has remained a constant alongside more established brands: PUR gum.

PUR gum's distinct packaging and aspartame-free formula has paid off, given that they’re now the most popular aspartame-free gum and mint producer in the world. But they’re hoping they can parlay that brand equity into an unexpected new space – popcorn.

PUR’s popcorn line has been available in Canada since June 2017, but won’t be available in the United States until early 2018. For the product’s initial launch, PUR choose three flavors: Sea Salt, Caramel Sea Salt, and Sweet and Salty. Each flavor is gluten-free and the Sea Salt variety has just 35 calories per cup.

Why would a top performer in the gum and mint market not make a move into the candy aisle, you might ask?

PUR Company’s CEO tells Food Navigator that the company is hoping the move will open a door to a cleaner transition into “better-for-you snacking and consumables.”

What’s particularly interesting about PUR’s popcorn, as compared to competitors’ products, is the use of butter made from the milk of sustainably-raised, grass-fed cows. A laundry list of oils can often be found in packaged popcorn in your marketplace – sunflower, vegetable, safflower or even canola oil. The use of butter certainly sets PUR apart.

Could PUR’s first foray into the snack aisle be successful enough for the brand to continue pursuing the holistically minded consumer in other areas? We’ll have to wait and see.