Look: We want badly to tell you that yes, alcohol is clean. But it isn't. It isn't exactly dirty (though maybe it is a little dirty when we're talking frozen daiquiris on Bourbon Street), but it can't be considered clean. (Go here to catch up on what we mean by clean eating.)

One of our core principles to clean eating is to make sure you're drinking enough water and are properly hydrated, and alcohol sort of defeats this. Plus, don't forget the empty calories. That doesn't mean alcohol can't be a part of an overall clean approach to eating, however. It just means it needs to be enjoyed in moderation and that you can make smarter choices in the spectrum: Wine would be on the cleaner end of the clean eating scale versus something like, say, beer or a cocktail. You also know pretty much what you're getting in a glass of wine from a calorie and ingredient standpoint compared to a beer, which can range all over the place calorically and isn't required to disclose its calorie count on the label.

So, no, alcohol isn't clean. But you can make smarter, smaller pours and still enjoy it as part of a healthful lifestyle. Cheers to that!

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