If you're following along on my juice revelation, welcome to Day 6. I'll be featuring another fantastic juice with the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Today's juice: The Even Greener Green Juice. I previously made the Supreme Green Juice, but this one has even more green!

The thing about making a big batch of juices is that when you buy a bunch of produce in order to make them, you end up with a bunch of fruits and vegetables you might not be sure go together. I call this one the "Leftover Juice," because it simply came from the leftover produce. There truly is no wrong answer when it comes to juicing, because most of the time you can fix any mistakes you might have made with an apple or some ginger. Plus, if you know you don't like one combination, try another! Or just add them all together and see what you get. If the flavor really doesn't appeal to you, freeze any juice into ice cube trays and mask the flavors into a smoothie blend at another time. Clean eating is fun and exciting, so be sure to experiment and have fun. Happy Clean Eating Week!

Even Greener Green JuiceKale can be a difficult leafy green to juice, but including the stems can produce better liquid results. Curly kale works best, but you can also try Lacinato kale if you have that on hand. Again with the experimentation!

2 stalks celery, including tops1 organic carrot, including skins2 kale stems1 small green apple, stem removed1 lemon, peel removed

1. Turn your juicer to high speed. Slowly insert all ingredients through the chute. Don’t worry about the seeds in your apple. The juicer will take care of it for you! Turn off the juicer after all ingredients have passed through the machine.

2. Drink immediately on ice, or store in sealed mason jars for up to 24 hours.

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