Welcome to Day 4 of my juice revelation, which features yet another fantastic healthy juice recipe made with the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.

If you've been following along, you may have noticed my earlier dig at a popular "healthy" vegetable juice sold in most stores. (It may start with a letter and end with "8," but we don't have to name names here.)

See, I have a thing against brands telling you they are "healthy" when they are actually full of sodium, sugar, or any of that other bad stuff that gives healthy food labeling a bad rap. I would rather make my own super juice, one where I know exactly what is going into every cup. Now, that's what I call clean eating!

This vegetable juice is exactly that: clean, delicious, and savory. It's best over ice, if you are wary of the earthy taste and, also, the idea of drinking something with garlic. I promise, it adds a balanced kick! Just avoid large cloves, and you will be good to go.

Super Veg JuiceIf you close your eyes a little bit (or simply add vodka), this could totally pull itself off as a healthy Bloody Mary mix. In fact, I dare you to try this one at your next brunch!

1 stalk celery, including tops2 small campari tomatoes1 small clove garlic3 large romaine leaves1 large organic carrot, skins on

1. Turn your juicer to high speed. Slowly insert all ingredients through the chute. Turn off the juicer after all ingredients have passed through the machine.

2. Drink immediately on ice, or store in sealed mason jars for up to 24 hours.