If you're following along on my juice revelation, welcome to Day 3, featuring another recipe with the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Let us turn up the BEET a little bit here, because I've got the Beet and Berry juice blend today.

Beets have never been my thing, but when they became trendy again sometime last year, I figured I'd gave them another chance. That's when I tried a juice in NYC from Russ and Daughters--it was a lemony beet juice that was simply revelatory. It was sweet but also earthy, like a better V8 without all the sodium. This recipe is my riff on that same juice, without the whole booking a plane ticket to New York thing.

Beet & BerryBeets can be super pungent, but when you pair them with berries you can get a sweet, earthy juice full of nutrients. Lemon is also a beet's best friend: it brings out the best flavors while toning down the more vegetal qualities.

1 large beet, peeled2 whole carrots1/2 lemon, rind removed3-4 large strawberries, greens removed

1. Turn your juicer to high speed. Slowly insert all ingredients through the chute.  Turn off the juicer after all ingredients have passed through the machine.

2. Drink immediately on ice, or store in sealed mason jars for up to 24 hours.

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