Hidden sugar, salt, and fat are lurking in most convenience products, so if you're looking to clean up your diet, they're one of the first places to start. They're not, however, always the easiest places to adhere to the clean eating philosophy.

After all, they're called convenience products for a reason. They don't require a lot of effort, and they save you buckets of time. Sure, homemade healthy snacks, DIY condiments, and make-your-own marinades are best, but convenience products are just so darn easy.

Still, as you work to create a cleaner plate and kitchen, you may be inclined to try homemade condiments. You can control and know exactly what goes into them, and you can adjust the flavors to your and your family's preferences.

Pick and choose your condiments battles. If your little one downs ketchup by the bucket for everything from scrambled eggs to chicken nuggets, you may want to invest your precious kitchen hours into homemade ketchup. If you and your significant other spread mayo on sandwiches like you do sunscreen on your back on a blistering summer day, you might really benefit from making your own.

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