We've all been there: It's late at night, and the hunger pangs hit. Instead of launching an attack on all the ice cream in the freezer, try reaching for any of these 6 healthy late-night snacks instead. 

Sometimes there will be nights when you just can't resist your snack cravings. Or, maybe dinner was sparse and you know you won't be able to make it until breakfast without stealing a bite from the fridge. We get it. But what can you eat without completely ruining your daytime calorie-conscious efforts? 

Of course, there are the usual suspects: 

  • Airy popcorn (not the movie theater butter-drenched kind, mind) 
  • Rice cakes (popcorn's seemingly healthier "cousin")
  • Celery

All of the above options are low in calories. They're a healthy go-to because you can (sort of) throw portion control caution to the wind and serve yourself a heaping bowl of all three, and their airy nature makes them fairly filling.

Speaking of celery, most vegetables are lower in calories and can satisfy your crunchier cravings. So if you want to open the fridge at 10pm and sit down with a bowl of raw broccoli, asparagus, or a handful of sugar snap peas, go nuts. But if your go-to when late-night munchies strike isn't a crisp radish, here are a few other healthy snack choices to keep on hand.

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Low in calories, high in fiber (which helps you with satiety), and just refreshing in general, berries are an easty, tasty snack. A cup of strawberries has 49 calories, a cup of raspberries has 64 calories, and a cup of blueberries has 84 calories. 

Credit: Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images



Surprisingly, yes, soup is a worthy choice. The reason? It's filled with water, and water-heavy foods trick us into thinking we're eating more. Just make sure you're choosing a brothy soup and not a creamy one.

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Hard-boiled Egg

A single hard-boiled egg is only 70 calories, yet contains a filling 6 grams of protein. Plus, there are a few studies that suggest eating a protein-rich food as your nighttime snack benefits both your metabolism and muscle-building.

Credit: Maximilian Stock Ltd./Photographer’s Choice/Getty

Greek Yogurt

Another worthy protein-rich option. Just make sure you choose a lower- or zero-fat version and you'll keep calories down, too. Dairy foods like yogurt also contain calcium and tryptophan—two nutrients that research has shown may promote a good night's sleep.

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This is a low-calorie fruit with a sneaky benefit inherent in its packaging. It takes effort to section or peel these, and that mindfulness can promote satisfaction. And if you pop a halved grapefruit under your oven's broiler, some of the natural sugars will caramelize and make this snack feel extra special.

Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images


At first glance you might expect this Italian dessert to be off the late-night menu. But it's traditionally just espresso—which has zero calories—with a little bit of vanilla gelato. Choose a light or lower calorie ice cream and then pour your favorite espresso over top for a decadent tasting treat that's less than 200 calories.

Credit: Randy Mayor

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