Our award-winning expert tells you which foods you need more of—and which to avoid.
Credit: MEDITERRANEAN/Getty Images

Let's be honest: Carbohydrates can create a lot of confusion for people. Hi carb, lo carb, no carb—which is best for you? And what's best when it comes to weight loss?

For many, the assumption is that drastically cutting carbs is the only way to lose weight. But research actually says that carbohydrates can be part of a healthy diet.

The key? Choosing high-quality carbs that can make a big difference in appetite, satiety, and cravings. Watch the video below for more insight into what carbohydrates meet those classifications.

So the next time you're considering which carbohydrates to aid you in your weight-loss journey, remember:

Find a carb meal you like substituting with fruits or veggies.

Where you can, opt for meals that have healthier carb options than your norm. For example, instead of eating a sandwich for lunch, go with a salad topped with a grilled protein instead. Or swap your spaghetti noodles for spaghetti squash. Small swaps like this can lead to gradual but consistent change and success.

Observe how different carbs make you feel.

Some carbs I know to stay away from because they still leave me feeling hungry after the fact, while others leave me feeling full and content. Pay attention to what your body tells you about what you're eating, and adjust accordingly.

These tips should help you shift your intake toward more high-quality carbohydrates.