Say hello to daily smoothies at your desk or anywhere on the go with this bottle that doubles as a blender.
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Making juices, smoothies, and other juice blends daily can be a challenge for those of us who are tight on time – who has the extra 15 minutes each morning to throw together a blend of fresh fruit, really? Plus, you’re always needing to prep fruits and vegetables beforehand, which can be a strain on someone who's already running late for work.

Imagine, then, just being able to grab, say, a few bananas and a handful of berries, throwing them in your bag, and then blending a nourishing smoothie right at your desk or in a car or train? You wouldn’t even have to whip out a standard-sized blender or have access to an electrical outlet.

Credit: Photo: Amazon.

Meet the portable blender and water bottle hybrid, a fun system that allows you to whirl up any fresh ingredient in a small, 13-ounce container that doubles as the drinking vessel itself. It’s just $17 on Amazon and is Prime eligible.

This handy gadget is charged by a USB cord, meaning you can power it off of your desktop at work or by simply plugging it into one of many mobile charging devices you probably have lying around in your house right now. A single charge, which requires about three hours of steady electricity, lets you blend up to 12 smoothies.

There’s a slew of products online that have derived from the concept of a water bottle turned mobile blender, but one of the best features of this Towabo blender is it’s attention to safety – the bottle will not begin blending ingredients until the lids of the bottle are securely locked in place, which is indicated by a flashing LED light.

Credit: Photo: Victor Protasio

If you’re worried about a finger getting caught in the smaller-sized blender blade, take solace in knowing that the power button on the bottle needs to be pressed twice in order to operate. And the system will indicate caution with bright red flashing lights if any jamming occurs.

The appropriate single-serving size of the water bottle ensures you’ll enjoy a fresh, tasty smoothie without overdoing it on a generous portion size.

Try the portable juicer with one of these recipes that comes together in less than 10 minutes:

1) Avocado Smoothie

Credit: Photo: Oxmoor House

Literally throw an avocado into your bag, add a few almonds, and pour some almond milk into the juicer bottle in order to make this blend on the fly. So easy and a great boost for your tough work day. 

2) The Green Machine

Credit: Getty Images

Some spinach, honeydew, and yogurt come together to be the very best smoothie you can make. Three ingredients for essential nutrients under 200 calories combine for a near-perfect breakfast.

3) Berry Green Smoothie

Credit: Photo: Colin Price

Berries, spinach, orange juice, and yogurt make the perfect mini blend on the go. The protein in this mix will keep you on your toes all morning long.