This October, one of my personal favorite coffee roasters, Counter Culture Coffee went through a makeover, and we love it. From the packaging to the names of each product, the company is moving forward with a look that embodies the bold character of their brand. Sourced directly from farmers, Counter Culture Coffee is uniquely roasted to celebrate the beans and the great regions they come from. And now the coffee bags join in that celebration.


Our favorites?

Bold and chocolatey: Hologram, which was Rustico before the change, boasts strong notes of cocoa and almost a hint of maple, while delivering strong, smooth flavor without bitterness. Each sip begins fruity and ends with a deep, rich finish. Complex but balanced.

Smooth and nutty: Big Trouble, formerly known as Toscano, comes in a taffy-bright green bag and was hailed as delicious to staff coffee-drinkers and non-drinkers alike. With low-acidity, the coffee is subtly sweet and toasty without being overpowering. Try it without cream--it's super easy to drink.

Bright and citrusy: Apollo is dressed appropriately in a lime green package, as it imparts light and floral flavors. It carries tea-like qualities: mild and subtle, perfect with a biscotti (or two!).

Coffee sans Caffeine: Although decaf coffee is sometimes looked down upon due to its non-energy-buzz inducing property, we love Slow Motion for every smooth and chocolatey sip. Paired with a sweet dessert that is in need of a coffee-flavored balance, we can have our coffee at dinner and have our sleep, too.