We love using Asian noodles in fast weeknight dishes. They're quick cooking, delicious, and easier than ever to find. Look for these favorites to add to your pantry.

  1. RAMENTrendy restaurants shifted this iconic noodle from guilty pleasure to edgy culinary darling. Buy fresh or dried—and ditch the sodium-dense flavor packet.
  2. CELLOPHANE NOODLES (aka glass noodles)Made from mung beans, these long noodles range in thickness from threadlike vermicelli to flat fettuccine. Hydrate and soften in hot water before stir-frying or in cold water to use for spring rolls.
  3. LO MEINFolks know this wheat noodle for its stir-fried takeout menu fame. Its firm but springy texture makes it hearty enough to be reheated—great news for your leftovers.
  4. UDONThese thick, chewy, long noodles can be served hot or cold. Pair with heavy sauces and hearty ingredients.
  5. RICE STICK NOODLESFlat and translucent like cellophane noodles, these are the noodles in pad Thai. Soak to soften; then add to a stir-fry.