Toast is having a moment. From smashed avocados to delicately shaved lox with cream cheese, folks are finding so many creative ways to expand toast beyond butter and jam. No wonder the toaster industry has truly blossomed. From inexpensive (but adorable) options to top-of-the-line behemoths, you can find a toaster for just about every taste.

So if you are a fan of high-end counter appliances or just really awesome toasters, Wolf Gourmet has a toaster for you. The Wolf Gourmet Four-Slice Toaster ($400, keeps toast warm without drying it out or burning it while you finish cooking breakfast. It has large slots for those extra-wide slices of artisan bread, like the ones that my husband cuts for himself, and internal arms that snuggly hold a very thin slice of bread in place. And, if you forget to defrost your bread or your bagel, it will toast frozen, rock-hard slices or halves to perfection. And if toasting to perfection isn’t enough for you--and you need an aesthetic reason to pick up the Wolf toaster--the knobs on the toaster match the signature red knobs of your Wolf stove. You can also buy black or brushed stainless knobs.

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