OVERVIEWOne of the most popular varietals in the world, sauvignon blanc is a white grape with origins rooted in the south of France. This is the bottle you want to reach for when a recipe calls for a "dry white." Its bright crispness and definitive fruit flavors distinguishes sauv blanc from other much-loved whites like chardonnay. Sauvignon blanc grapes are also the primary grapes used to produce Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé wines. 

WHAT TO LOOK FORGo for bottles from France's Loire Valley or Bordeaux region, New Zealand, South Africa, or California.

FLAVOR PROFILEThe flavor profile of a bottle of sauvignon blanc will be most largely impacted by where it's from and whether or not the wine was aged in oak. By and large, you're looking at a very fruity white--heavy on the citrus (grapefruit, lime, lemon), melon, and gooseberry. As noted above, sauvignon blanc is distinctly crisp, dry, tart, lightly herbaceous, and light on the palate, for that matter. Those that have been influenced by oak are going to trade a bit of that crispness for a little bit of a fuller body, creamier mouthfeel, and hints of smoky vanilla.

PAIRINGSauvignon blanc stands on its own very well, making it a grade-A apertif. That said, as light and lovely as it is, this wine is a great companion to food. Especially...

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