Who doesn't love a classic scary movie? In October, it's only tradition to watch the most frightening films while cozying up on the couch and snacking on the candy you've stocked up for trick-or-treaters. Although you're never too old to hit the road in a costume, it's a lot more fun to celebrate Halloween like a classy grown-up.

Inspired by Hob Nob, Darcy Lenz, Cooking Light's very own chocoholic and wine connoisseur, created a list of 6 candy, vino, and movie pairings that are sure to complement your much expected sugar high.

1. Ruby Port + Ferrero Rocher + American PsychoRuby is lighter bodied and lower tannin than most ports, making for a smooth and easy sip. Juicy berry flavors play nicely with rich milk chocolate and toasty hazelnuts in Ferrero Rocher. Drinking a glass of wine that resembles the blood of Patrick Bateman's victims is terrifying and thrilling. This might be the best way to spend Halloween night. Just saying.

2. Syrah + York Peppermint Patty + The Nightmare Before ChristmasThis wine is way dark and full-bodied, a nice contrast to the in-your-face bright, refreshing interior of the peppermint patty. Backed with spice and herbaceous notes of mint and rosemary, it will be a welcome companion to this popular Christmas candy. We know it's not quite December yet, but watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and indulging in minty candy, you'll get the best of both holidays. Opt for a bottle from Italy or France—those herbaceous aromas will be more prominent.

3. Madeira+ Snickers + SCREAMGo with a Boal—it's a sweet, complex, and aromatic single varietal madeira that goes great with chocolate, toasty caramel, and nuts… i.e. a freaking Snickers. It just tastes so delicious it'll make you scream. (Get it?!)

4. Merlot + Raisinets + HalloweenThe signature jammy dark flavors of merlot are a perfect complement to the sweet, dried fruit core of a Raisinet. The notes of vanilla and mocha in your glass of wine will make the light, milk chocolate coating of your snack sing as loud as the screams of Michael Myers' sister when she's stabbed to death (Fun, am I right?!). Go for merlot produced in a warmer climate—look for a bottle from California, Argentina, or Australia, as it will be more fruit forward with milder tannins than merlot from Italy or France.

5. Heath Bar + Amontillado Sherry + Hocus PocusA distinct salinity and strong notes of toasted, salted nuts in a complex and versatile amontillado sherry is a tasty companion to the Heath bar’s roasted toffee core. Turn on the tele, snack on this chocolate, and say hello to the Sanderson sisters. Who knows, with the magic of the season, finishing the whole bottle may restore your youth and beauty.

6. Cava Rosé + Smarties + Rocky Horror Picture ShowNot as sweet as Prosecco, but still lush with floral hints of strawberries and peach, this bright and refreshing bubbly is the perfect balance to a roll of sugary-sweet Smarties. Dr. Frank-N-Furter would definitely approve of this pleasurable pairing. It's so perfect it'll make you shiver with anticipation.

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