Portion control: Definitely two words that need to accompany guacamole, at least for me. There's just something about the action of dipping chips into something creamy and delicious that I find soothing. And hard to stop.

That's why we love Wholly Guacamole's pre-portioned guac cups (they were one of the winners in our annual Taste Test Awards last year). In addition to smarter snacking, they're great thrown into a lunch bag or spread atop a sandwich.

Most of the brand's previous Mini offerings have been of the 100-calorie variety, so that's where the good news starts. This new flavor is blended with salsa verde and is only 45 zesty calories per cup! Here's what our testers had to say:

"Love it! Great tangy-garlicky flavor and awesome nutrition numbers!"

"Gives you a satisfying guac fix while smarty cutting the avo with salsa verde for fewer calories."

"Delicious and tangy. I might doctor it up with some diced peppers."

"I would buy this! I NEED things to come pre-portioned. Especically with guacamole."

If you're looking to rock your own version of guac, here are some starting points: