You may be curious about the Passover products on display at your local supermarket these days. So what exactly is the difference between matzo, matzo meal, matzo cake meal, and matzo farfel?

Answer: They’re all the same thing. Matzo meal is ground matzo, matzo cake meal is finely ground, and matzo farfel (FAR-fell) is simply larger, broken bits of matzo. (And matzo ball soup mix? Just matzo meal with a bit of salt, maybe a little granulated onion or garlic).

Matzo farfel bits are just the right size for a stuffing or a crispy topping for casseroles. Matzo meal is grittier, the texture of breadcrumbs, perfect for matzo balls. Matzo cake meal is the closest in texture to flour; it’s essential for Passover baked goods and crisp, delicate crusts.

The penny pincher in me would just buy matzo and forget the rest, but like everyone else, I like the convenience of store bought. Find matzo and its various by-products at any grocery store, and look for more ways with Passover products here soon.

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