In life, there are many tough questions-- why are we here; what are we here for; how has Hollywood not made a sequel to Willow; why haven't I won the lottery yet? Yet, out of all the confounding consternations, perhaps one of the more confusing conundrums is this: What should I drink with my meal? If you're dining on succulent Roast Pork with Apples, fret not. We've pegged a soft and fruity red along with a mid-bodied, fruity white that both pair harmoniously with the aforementioned dish. Now you're free to divert attention back to figuring out that whole lottery thing. --MM

A Soft and Fruity RedA medium-bodied red complements the savory pork without overwhelming the soft, comforting flavors of cooked applesCalifornia zinfandel has the right mix of spiced fruit flavors, and its deep, voluptuous fruit gives the impression of warm baking spices and sweetness. Bogle Vineyards, Old Vine Zinfandel, California, 2011 ($11)

A Mid-Bodied, Fruity WhiteRounded white wine with mellow fruit and bright acidity will be fantastic with the combination of sweet and savory flavors. Try a pinot blanc (aka pinot blanco in Italy). The acidity enlivens pork's lean texture, while the wine's gentle pear and apple flavors embrace the sweetness of the apples. Domaine Lucien Albrecht, Pinot Blanc, Alsace, France, 2011 ($12)

OOPS!Steer clear of heavy reds with astringent tannins and herbal flavors, such ascabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, and shiraz. --Wine selections by Jordan Mackay