by Jordan Mackay

BRIGHT, JUICY WHITEWith cilantro and salsa verde, enchiladas have a "green" note that will take to a white wine with a crisp, citrusy bite, such as albariño from Spain. With soft fruit and citrus character, the white complements spice and herbs, while its acidity cuts through the richness of cheese and cream.Burgáns, Albariño, Spain, 2013, $14

A SPICY, FRUITY REDA dish that presents a spicy, earthy, and herbal mix of flavors will be matched beautifully by a spicy red with a dark fruit core. Try a young syrah: Its smoky pepperiness enhances the chile and cumin, while its dark fruit contrasts with the herbal salsa verde. Serve slightly chilled.Andrew Murray Vineyards, Tous Les Jours Syrah, California, 2012, $16

OOPS! Avoid heavy, astringent reds like rich cabernet sauvignons and petite sirahs, whose tannins will conflict with the enchiladas' creamy finish.