A DRY, JUICY ROSÉOlives and feta cheese provide richness that can handle the soft, berry fruit of a dry rosé. Great rosés can come from anywhere, but seek a lighter, paler style. Its complexity, great acidity, and flavors of dried herbs and berry fruit will connect with the diverse flavors and textures of a Greek salad.Skouras, Zoë Rosé, Greece, 2013 ($11)

A CRISP AND ZINGY WHITEA salad featuring feta, olives, onions, tomatoes, and vinegar is mouthwateringly tangy. A wine of similar sharpness will handle its bite. Look for a crisp sauvignon blanc. Bright, grassy, and citrusy, its herbal side complements the olives, oregano, and garlic, while its zesty citrus fruit embraces sweet summer tomatoes.Giesen, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 2012 ($12)

OOPS! Avoid heavy, tannic reds like cabernet sauvignon, syrah, or merlot, which taste sour next to anything bright and acidic. —Jordan Mackay