This new hybrid veggie cooks in a flash—a boon for harried holiday chefs—with familiar flavor that easily fits into traditional Thanksgiving menus.
Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Fioretto is a non-GMO brassica plant that is a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower. Its tiny florets sit atop thin, pale green stems. Much more delicate than standard cauliflower, the flavor is mildly grassy and faintly sweet. The raw florets are crisp-tender and make great vehicles for creamy dips.


How to Cook Fioretto Cauliflower 

Sauté or stir-fry over high heat for a minute or two to add a touch of golden caramelization. Season simply with salt and pepper or a little curry powder. Or shake up your traditional broccoli casserole and use this instead.

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Fioretto is sold at some specialty grocers and online at Melissa’s ($20/3 [10-oz.] packages,