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Robin Bashinsky
May 06, 2015

I'm always looking for fast, nutritionally neutral ways to jazz up dishes, and a favorite of mine is Aleppo pepper. Named for the town in northern Syria, Aleppo pepper is made from dried and coarsely ground halaby chiles and can be used much like crushed red pepper in recipes and dishes.

It has a smoky, sweet (almost fruity) backbone and a tanginess that pushes it more into the realm of condiment than mere garnish. I reach for a healthy pinch to add flavorful complexity and visual panache to simple eggs, roasted veggies, or pasta in mere seconds. Here, I've put it on a pimiento cheese sandwich.

It's probably not at your standard grocery, but it's readily available online from such retailers as Amazon or Penzeys. A half pound will run less than 20 bucks. And unless you're feeding a 10,000-man-strong Persian army, that'll last you at least a year or more.

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