Even though we have made food our lives and we fancy ourselves pretty knowledgeable about all things healthy living, Cooking Light Nutrition Editor Sidney Fry and I were stumped when we ran across a "Slimcado" in the local Fresh Market a few weeks ago. We both desperately needed an avocado for our own dinner recipes, but the Hass avocados were rock hard. The Slimcados, however, felt just about perfect. At least we thought. But, as it turns out, that was about the only thing right with those avocados.

The following text conversation actually did happen. And I actually did fish out the chunks of avocado from my soup so I could enjoy it happily.

After the fiasco, I did a little research and discovered that a Slimcado is a Florida avocado. (Slimcado is a registered name.) A Florida avocado has a smooth, kelly green skin. They're also much larger than the traditional California or Hass avocados you typically find at the grocery store. Once you cut in, the flesh is more fibrous, less creamy. It holds its shape beautifully, much better than Hass slices.

Nutritionally, they're quite different, too. The Slimcado tags promote the fact that they have up to half the fat and a third fewer calories than traditional avocados. Gram to gram, Slimcados or Florida avocados certainly do weigh in with a lot less fat and fewer calories.

The Math 230 grams (1 cup of Slimcado, according to their web site) has 276 calories and 23.1g fat. 230 grams of Hass avocado has 368 calories and 33.7g fat.

From our observations, the water content of a Florida avocado is much higher than a California variety. Where the smaller California varieties are dense and buttery, the Slimcado was more fibrous and chewy. The one I ate was slightly sweet, as if it had a bit of papaya juice on it. Sidney said hers wasn't as sweet, but it needed salt. When she sprinkled it on, a lot of the water in the avocado leached out and made her sandwich bread soggy.

Bottom Line In places where you want the rich, warm, nutty creaminess of an avocado, the Florida avocado or Slimcado probably isn't going to satisfy. But if you desperately need to cut calories and fat or need the avocado to retain its shape (say, for a salad or skewer), then sure, the Slimcado will work.