The tried and true bench scraper is known by many names, such as dough scraper, bench knife, and bench chopper. Whatever you want to call it, it is an indispensable tool when baking bread. Its stainless-steel blade cuts and portions bread dough cleanly, it provides support for lifting and turning dough, and it makes quick work of cleaning up a messy work surface.

The blade is honed, but not nearly as sharp as a knife. The handle, which sits where the body curls back onto itself, can be made of many materials, like wood, plastic, or stainless-steel.

You don't have to limit the bench scraper to your homemade bread activities! It works really well scooping up and moving chopped and diced veggies, or–and here is my favorite bonus job–it’s great for smoothing the icing on the sides and top of a frosted cake.

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