I miss my native Massachusetts most of all in the summer. Growing up, my summers were spent on the Cape, scarfing whole belly clams, lobster, and oysters, sweet-briny flavors that perfectly distilled Cape Cod's terroir (merroir?).

Alabama summers are different: My time is spent rushing from one air-conditioned environment to the next, hoping to dodge the inevitable—and often quite violent—daily thunderstorms. Summer food is smoky pig and gorgeously sweet and juicy peaches, delicious delights in their own right, but not scratching my itch for the flavors of home.

This is where my new seasoning obsession comes in: Wellfleet Sea Salt, a company and product started by Zachary Fagiano and Hope Schwartz-Leeper. (Full disclosure: Zachary is the son of David Bonom and Marge Perry, friends of and contributors to Cooking Light. Fuller disclosure: If I didn't actually really like the salt as much as I do, I wouldn't bother writing about it.)

Besides being all-natural and free of anti-caking agents found in table and kosher salts, Wellfleet Sea Salt is extracted from the waters of the Cape, the very same surf that gives Wellfleet oysters their luscious brininess. I've been using it as a finishing salt for grilled corn and ripe, raw heirloom tomatoes, and it has given me a comforting taste of home to help me through Dixie's dog days.

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