We're big fans of all of Tribe's hummus offerings—we named their sriracha variety among our 2015 Taste Test Award winners—but the brand has definitely upped the flavor ante with their new take on the creamy chickpea treat: intensely flavored hummus with the topping swirled throughout instead of simply piled on top.

It's available in four flavor options: Sweet Red Pepper; Salsa; Garlic & Herb; and the beloved Fiery Sriracha. This isn't hummus for wimps—the Fiery Sriracha is extra fiery, but our heat-seeking tasters loved its hot, peppery kick, deeming it perfectly spicy and very creamy. They also lauded the Sweet Red Pepper and Garlic & Herb varieties, but noted that you need to already be on board with these profiles to enjoy their accelerated flavors (i.e, if you love garlic, you'll adore the Garlic and Herb, but vampires might want to steer clear). Our tasting panel was a little more divided on the salsa variety, but overall the entire line was a welcome afternoon snack break in the Cooking Light halls.

Tribe Swirl is available nationwide now. Read more about Tribe Swirl on their site.

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