Watermelon juice. At any age, it’s one of the most satisfying natural beverages for a summer day. Whether you’ve gone melon-crazy and find yourself with a trunk full of the striped fruit, or you’ve made the Watermelon Leather and now have two jugs of leftover watermelon “water,” I have a few ideas for you.

The best part? Watermelon is refreshing and forgiving, so have some fun with these ideas and get inspired to add in your own favorite flavors and garnishes.

Watermelon Lime Agua Fresca


1 part watermelon “water” (strained watermelon juice; see how to make watermelon water)

2 parts sparkling water

1 lime


Pour your watermelon water into a glass then squeeze half of a lime into it. Top off the beverage with double the amount of sparkling water, and garnish with a lime wedge.

Another flavorful idea: Steep the beverage with mint for 30 minutes before serving. Each sip will start with the aromatic scent of mint and finish with a fizzy zing from the lime.

Cucumber Watermelon Mimosas

As a lover of mimosas, this has got to be one of my favorites. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super easy to drink and refreshing.


4 c watermelon “water”

1 bottle of sparkling wine or champagne of choice (I used Martini’s Asti)

Half of a medium seedless cucumber, sliced into rounds

Pour 4 cups of watermelon “water” into a large bowl and add half of your cucumber slices (reserve the rest to garnish). Let it steep for 30 minutes. Then remove your cucumber slices, and portion your watermelon-cucumber liquid into glasses, filling each halfway. Top off each glass with the sparkling wine or champagne, garnish by floating cucumber slices on top. Every sip will be infused with cucumber and bubbly goodness.