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I am an openly devout fan of The Walking Dead: love it, never miss it, obsess over it, dream about it. (I typically cannot handle anything in the horror genre—but this show is about so much more! It's character-driven, you know.) And I never, ever thought that the show would touch on anything related to my work life.

But that all changed Sunday night, in an episode that rocked my world. It wasn't the Richonne scene that blew my mind, nor anything involving beautiful Jesus (though I love his Jordan Catalano vibe). Nope, it was good ol' mulletted Eugene, in his advocacy of sorghum. "That there is a criminally underrated grain," he pitched, "that could change the game with our food situation from scary to hunky dunky." Amen, brother.

Yes! I couldn't agree more. Sorghum is indeed a criminally underrated grain. I fell in love with it as I worked on my new book, Everyday Whole Grains, out March 22 and available for pre-order now. As I created recipes for this book, I noted that sorghum is a delicious gluten-free whole grain with a starchy, pasta-like texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. It's now my favorite. The book includes recipes for sorghum pilafs such as the Cheesy Sorghum and Shaved Squash Pilaf featured on the cover), as well as crunchy sorghum energy bites, popped sorghum (baby popcorn!), and sorghum flour spice cookies.

You'll also find creative recipes using amaranth, quinoa, rye berries, spelt, brown rice, teff, freekeh, and all the other whole grains. Believe in Eugene's words. Enjoying whole grains more often will take your food situation to a mighty fine, hunky dunky place.

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