It’s been saved over 200,000 times. But does it *REALLY* live up to the hype?
Credit: Kelsey Hansen

Like many of you, we turn to Pinterest to find ideas, share recipes, and see what’s popping in the food world. Pinterest has alerted us to things like a lighter take on fried pickles, the inevitable popularity of the air fryer, and the rise to prominence of “soup as the new juice.” So naturally, one of our editors noticed when a certain recipe pin went viral—with over 220,000 saves, it obviously merited discussion here at Cooking Light. You probably already have it saved to one of your boards, but just in case, here it is.



Reactions to the popularity of this salad were mixed. Our meal-prep maven Jaime Ritter just could NOT with the raisins—she made the yummy suggestion of swapping in feta. Other members of our edit staff had similar ideas: Arielle Weg had this to say, “This looks pretty good and simple. Maybe I'd swap the raisins for beans or something a little protein-heavy, but this looks super doable.” Elizabeth Laseter, our resident culinary school graduate, noted that the texture of raisins and cucumber together looked off-putting. I’m personally a big believer of crunch in salads, so I’m a little hesitant to about the possibility of pinning this to my “10/10 Make Again” board.

Whatever the case, we eventually chalked the popularity of the recipe (by Ahead of Thyme) up to the fact that it’s simple, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free—in other words, right in the Cooking Light wheelhouse. Healthy grains and veggies are two of our favorite things to mix and match with! So, virality aside, we dug through our archives to share with you some similar recipes that we’ve published over the years.

Credit: Photo: Caitln Bensel

Hearty farro plays a starring role in this endlessly customizable spring grain bowl.

Credit: Caitlin Bensel

Try kale with chickpeas and bulgur—we think the vegan avocado sauce in this dish is probably worth its own viral Pinterest post, but, hey, we may be biased.

Credit: Photo: Alison Miksch

We’re on team #savorybreakfast, so this grain, veggie, and egg situation is an ideal morning salad bowl.

Credit: Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Catherine Crowell Steele

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this quinoa salad topped with an egg is a favorite for a reason.

Finally, we’re pretty sure that this vegan black-bean and quinoa salad with a lemony dressing could give that power salad a run for its money.