Atlanta, Georgia based chef Shane McIntosh, owner of Ocean Catering Co. and Ocean Market, believes that “most fruits and vegetables are damned near perfect in their natural, raw form.” He considers it part of his duty as a chef not to mess with that kind of perfection. Accordingly, McIntosh sources the finest of fresh ingredients he can get his hands on, then applies twist of culinary creativity to enhance the flavor that is already there. Although his menu is not exclusively vegetarian, McIntosh takes a deep pride in surprising omnivorous clients with dishes that are both meat-free and overwhelmingly delicious. As a proud southerner, McIntosh loves crafting southern and soul food classics without all of the heavy meats, fats, and additives. Thus was born his fresh riff on the ever-popular BLT.


DLTToasted Dulce (edible sea vegetable), ground Gamashio, crispy lettuce, fresh sliced Heirloom Tomato with roasted garlic aioli served on Tuscano Sour Dough bread.Courtesy of Shane McIntosh

Ingredients:1 package of Dulce seaweed. (usually can be found at Whole Foods)Ground GamashioCrisp lettuce: romaine leaves or bib lettuce leavesRoasted garlic AioliHeirloom tomato slices – thin

2 Slices Tuscano sour dough bread

In a medium sauté pan toast Dulce. Heat about 1 teaspoon of soybean oil in pan, smash Dulce flat into pan for approximately 3-4 minutes. Use a metal spatchula to flip Dulce and toast other side. Once Dulce becomes toasted and crisp – remove from pan and set aside.

Lightly coat 2 pieces of Sour Dough with oil (a BBQ brush works great) and toast in pan after Dulce. Set aside.

Gamashio*This is a nut dust that compliments this sandwich and highly suggested on almost anything you want to boost flavor.

1/2 cup whole sesame seeds1/2 cup sea salt

Place sesame seeds in a medium bottomed skillet over medium heat and toss or stir constantly. You want to toast the seeds until the start to turn golden, become fragrant and seeds begin to pop. Remove seeds from heat and pour into food processor. Add salt and turn on. Grind until seeds are approximately 80% crushed. It works well to use the “pulse” setting. Remove from processor bucket and enjoy.

Roasted Garlic Aioli*This is a very easy condiment that can be made and held refrigerated for up to 3-4 weeks.

2 whole cloves of Garlic2 teaspoons oil2 cups of mayo of your choice. (you can substitute tofu mayo if you prefer or even make your own)1 teaspoon fresh lemon juiceSalt and pepper to taste

With a sharp knife, cut off the very end tip of the cloves of garlic. This is the side that the little cloves all form together at a point.

Place the cloves in a small pan with the exposed end up. Drizzle them with the oil, cover the pan with aluminum foil and place in a 350f oven for approximately 20 minutes or until the cloves are soft to the touch in the center. Let cool.

In a food processor – put in mayo, lemon juice, and squeeze the soft roasted garlic from the pod into the mix. This should be a smooth, easy movement. Spin on high for about 10 seconds. Add salt and pepper, spin again.

To assemble:

Spread Roasted garlic Aioli on both sides of bread. Sprinkle gamashio evenly on the bread. Add toasted Dulce, tomato slice and crisp lettuce. Cut in half; add a pickle on the side and enjoy!