My vacation philosophy has always been simple: relax and eat good food. Sure there might be some sight-seeing, shopping and outdoor activities, but there’s just got to be good food. Here are a few new spots on my radar:

  • With nearly 100 breweries and beer pubs, how can North Carolina not be on my list? April is NC Beer Month, and there are tons of delicious destinations throughout the state from Asheville to Winston-Salem.

  • The sunshine state has serious flavor. From top to bottom, Florida has a variety of exceptional cuisine. Perhaps the most famous of all—sweet and tart Key Lime Pie. Blue Heaven in Key West has been making people pucker since the 1850s.

  • Avoid touristy food scenes and head to Arkansas. Marianna is home to Jones’ Bar-B-Q Diner, a James Beard Award-winning dinner with authentic, local cuisine.

So for your next getaway, treat yourself to a culinary adventure and see just how tasty travel can be. Sign up to receive free travel guides here.

—Lauren Fontana, Integrated Marketing Manager