I'm a professed chocoholic, which means I try and get my fix just about every day. It also means that I don't discriminate. Imported Belgian bar? Give me a piece (make that a bigger piece). Vending machine grab at the end of a long work day? I'll take it.

Chocolate covered peanut butter cups are a particular weakness. Now Unreal Candy has combined my kiddie nostalgia for these treats with my grown up, foodie inclination for high quality chocolate and natural ingredients. I (reluctantly) shared with the other staffers, who raved: "Addicting. Amazing," of the milk chocolate peanut butter.

"Great crispy punch with the creamy PB," of the milk chocolate with crispy quinoa. The rich, bittersweet dark chocolate peanut butter cups were the clear fave. A pack of 2 cups, or 1 serving, contains 180 calories.

The bars retail at $1.99 for a twin pack, $5.99 for a 4 oz. bag, and $29.99 for a party pack of 50 individually wrapped pieces (Easter hunt, anyone?).