Union Wine Company, based in Portland, Oregon, takes on the challenge of trying to create carefully crafted wines that are affordable. So when they sent us a package of wine in aluminum cans, I was skeptical … but optimistic.

The cans are sleek and crisply designed, departing from the beer-can aesthetic but also echoing the minimalistic approach many wine bottles on the market now have. But the more important question is how do they taste?

We started with the pinot noir.

In one word, it's friendly. The wine isn't super bold and doesn't hit you over the head with a burning red wine sensation. It has a pleasant raspberry acidity and cherry tartness. It's accessible, something that everyone can get along with.

Next, the pinot gris. My personal favorite. As soon as you crack open the wine can (I'm going to have to get used to that), you get floral scents with hints of sweet pear. The wine begins juicy with notes of peach but has a smooth peppery finish. Many tasted a little white grape and subtle nods to grapefruit. It's crisp, not syrupy at all, and satisfying in a glass-bottle sort of way (even our red wine-lovers agree).


Wine doesn't have to be so hard. Grab a can, and in true Oregon fashion, pinkies down.