Colorado-based Uncle Andy's Jerky certainly puts out some ambitious flavors: Southern Gent Lemon-Mint Beef Jerky, Lumberjack Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky, Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese Beef Jerky. While none of these was quite my favorite, Bandito Loco Spicy Coffee Beef Jerky has me addicted.

First off, it's rather chewy, but in the best, meaty, get-stuck-in-your-teeth kind of way. You don't mind the extended chew because it's just delicious: coffee-bitter (again in a really good way), slightly spicy, and heavily coated in spice rub. It reminds me of burnt ends—you know, the delicious chewy-crispy-charred bits created after slow-barbecuing brisket.

The serving size is a generous one ounce, half the bag (that's a lot of jerky), but I'd suggest going for half that amount because the sat fat and sodium are a bit high for a snack (4.5g and 310mg respectively for a one-ounce portion). You'll still get a satisfying five grams of protein with a half-serving snack. If you can't find Uncle Andy's in your area, you can order from their website; check out the way-cool t-shirts, too.

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