Hanukkah is all about the miracle of the oil: while technically only enough to light the menorah for one night, it burned for eight. Traditionally, we celebrate that little bit of oil by eating a lot of it, usually in fried donuts (called sufganiyot) and fried potato pancakes (latkes). It’s traditional, yes, but not exactly healthy. Celebrate Hanukkah this year with recipes that use just a little oil to make each dish sing.

We skip the butter in classic mashed potatoes and add richness and depth with full-bodied extra-virgin olive oil, saving 5.4g sat fat per serving over butter. A final drizzle adds a burst of full, fruity flavor.

Olive Oil Mashed PotatoesThe same final drizzle principal applies to Ribollita with Poached Eggs, a comforting Tuscan stew full of cabbage, beans, and potatoes. One teaspoon of oil over each serving enriches the stew and adds a lovely shine.

Ribollita with Poached EggsHeart-healthy canola oil lightens this classic, saving 15g of sat fat per serving over butter. Infusing the oil with a vanilla bean maintains that richness and gives it an almost creamy consistency that makes for a tender crumb.

Canola Oil Pound Cake with Browned Butter GlazeMushrooms and truffles are both dug from the earth, so it’s no surprise that they are fantastic compliments. A touch of truffle oil over the pizza before baking elevates the dish from fine to sublime.

Wild Mushroom Pizza with Truffle OilNut oils like hazelnut, walnut, or pistachio are best at room temperature and straight from the bottle, not heated. Let it shine in a simple green salad, over blanched haricots verts, in a pesto, or over Greek yogurt.