We've established that the food holiday trend, while silly, is just plain fun. In years past, we've covered National Ice Cream Day, National Jelly Bean Day, and even National Lobster Day. We'll take any reason to share some of our favorite foods—or better yet, some of our opinions.

Today is National Jerky Day, so there's no better day to share two of our favorite jerkies on the market today. I happen not to be the world's biggest jerky fan, which is why I think I'm exactly the right person to write this review. If I like these jerkies, you know they're good.

Up first, a relatively small brand on the jerky market: The New Primal. We tried their two most basic flavors, Original and Spicy. (Pineapple does sound delicious, though.) Both of these jerkies are ideal for the person who loves really dry, almost-pull-your-teeth-out jerky (said with love, of course).

You can tell these jerkies are well made because of how balanced the flavors are, especially in the Spicy variety. It has a sneaky hit of heat that gave tasters a nice kick to the palate. Original will be a go-to snack when you're hungry and need a quick snack of protein. Sodium numbers are good for a jerky product (260mg in Original and 290mg in Spicy).

On the opposite side of the "dry" scale is Krave's Artisanal Five Peppercorn Beef Jerky. It's very tender, almost soft. That gives the jerky a superfresh feeling that is only amplified by the peppery kick of the peppercorn. That heat is balanced with a hint of sweetness brought out by the meat's natural drying. We actually also really love Krave's Pineapple Orange Beef Jerky. In fact, we named it one of the Best Store-Bought Snacks in last year's Taste Test Awards. One thing to be aware of: The sodium is a bit high in the Five Peppercorn Jerky (440mg per 1-ounce serving).

What are your favorite jerkies?

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