Delicious lesson of the day: you don’t have to reinvent the meal to pull off something unique. Sometimes, simple taste and texture tweaks are enough to bring about fresh enthusiasm for classic bites.

Swapping out fresh tomatoes for sun dried, California-based Traina Foods has given America’s sweetheart of condiments a subtle makeover with a focus on elegance and intrigue. While the essential flavor framework (tomato, vinegar, onion, spices) remains the same, Traina’s overhaul on the sweet and glistening smooth diner/cookout accouterment yields a slightly more acidic bite and meatier mouthfeel than you’ll find in bottle of Heinz.

Worry not condiment conservatives -- even with a touch of atypical sophistication, this ketchup is more than apt to find herself on the usual stomping grounds. In fact, inching closer to a savory sauce, Traina’s Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup might just be the ticket to kicking Monday night meatloaf or next weekend’s burgers and brats up a notch.

And of course, if you were raised to believe that ketchup has a special place on the breakfast table, be sure to look for me at Waffle House… I’ll without-a-doubt have a bottle tucked in my purse and would be happy to lend a hash-brown-sized squirt.