Next time you’re there, load up on a few packs...seriously.
Credit: SOPA Images LightRocket via Getty Images

Trader Joe’s is a magical place. You can find everything from frozen dinners to cheap, healthy eats, to seasonal treats. I go there pretty much every week.

On one a recent (particularly hectic) TJ’s run, as I was checking out, I mentally ran through the list of everything I meant to buy and must’ve said out loud something to the effect of, “crap, I forgot garlic.”

The checkout clerk looked up and said, “Have you ever tried Dorot Garden’s frozen garlic? It’s in the freezer section.” When I told him I hadn't, he literally sprinted away from the register mid-checkout. This was a packed day, and I could practically hear the people behind me cursing under their breath.  

"I'm going to throw this in for free," he told me, when he returned, "because I know you'll be back to buy more."  

Credit: Dorot Gardens

Being in a hurry (and not wanting to delay the line any longer) I said thanks, and went on my way. To be honest, I wasn't super into the idea of frozen garlic. I cook with fresh garlic for the most part, and I can taste the difference—I avoid the jarred stuff, because it's just never as good.

But, later that night I needed garlic for a recipe, so I went into my freezer, popped out a block, and stirred it into the dish. And I was blown away. Instantly, the familiar, pungent aroma of garlic hit me. This wasn’t like using the minced garlic from a bottle—this was the real deal. This stuff is seriously amazing.

The tray has 20 little blocks and the ingredients are simple: Garlic, plus a tiny bit of canola oil and sea salt.

One block is equal to one garlic clove, making it easy to just pop out as many as you need. It lasts longer than fresh garlic, but tastes more or less exactly the same. That cashier was right—I've been going back for it ever since. Pick a tray up on your next TJ’s run, and you’ll see why he and I are so passionate about the stuff.