When it comes to eating healthy, it's nice to have a little help. These apps are easy to use and will help keep you on track with a healthy lifestyle. Plus, they're free.

MyFitnessPal (Apple & Android):

Editor Scott Mowbray raves about this one all the time. This app helps you monitor how much you're eating and how much you're working out. Log your food and exercise for a few days and you may be surprised at what you find. The app has an added bonus that you can interact with friends, which can be an extra motivator to keep you on track.


Farmstand helps you locate farmerss markets so you can load up on fresh, local fruits and veggies.

Healthy Out (Apple & Android):

Health Out searches menus of local restaurants for items that match your specification. Search for low fat food, gluten free foods, low calorie foods or more! Search by dish, type of cuisine or restaurant. You can have peace of mind knowing you aren't eating a 3,000 calorie salad. Overall the nutrition facts seem to be within a small margin of error, I would use it more as a guide than for exact calorie counting.

Food on The Table (Apple & Android):

Menu Planning made easy. This handy dandy app is not only a menu planner, it allows you to import and store recipes from popular sites like MyRecipes, paleOMG and Real Simple. You can even store your own recipes in your Food on The Table recipe box. Tap to store your recipes, plan when you’re going to make them and create a shopping list.

You’ll have no excuse to eat out when you use this app!

Fooducate (Apple & Android):

Pack this app along with you to the grocery store. It will scan food labels and give products a letter grade between A and D based on nutrition, ingredients, additives and preservatives. It provides you with all the information you need to decode a nutrition label and make an informed choice.

Honorable mention (i.e. apps that aren't free, but are just as cool):

What healthy eating apps are you using, and how are the working for you?