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This Sunday, the famous and the not-so-famous alike will join 'round the tube to watch the 85th Academy Awards. Whether you're celebrating Hollywood's Biggest Night by walking the Red Carpet, throwing a gala of epic proportions for your closest friends, or huddling on the sofa with a warm slice of Mississippi Mud Pie, you'll need a menu that's befitting the occasion.

We've created a healthy Oscar party menu you can use to feed your guests a well-themed meal. Or if you're really pulling for one film or actor (hey, Hugh Jackman!) over another, you can customize your selections with food to really set the mood. As for me and my house, I'm making a loaf of Chocolate-Hazelnut Banana Bread in honor of Les Misérables. If we're going to serve hard time for stealing bread, it'd better be awesome bread, and this treat from our October 2012 issue surely is.

See the full menu offerings here, and if you throw an Oscar party and serve some Cooking Light dishes (or better yet--*only* Cooking Light dishes), send us your photos at! We may share them.