You know it when you see it--creamy, pillowy, silky-smooth hummus--and your mouth instantly waters. Your eyes widen because you know you're about to dig into the best kind of hummus there is, and your tongue responds in kind. So imagine my heartbreak when, after many failed attempts, I could never recreate the silky results I get at my favorite Lebanese restaurant.

Then, earlier this year, I finally figured out why. My colleague Rebecca Longshore posted a photo of her and her husband removing the skins of canned chickpeas during our #100HealthyDays challenge. So for my next batch of hummus, I followed her lead and meticulously removed the skins from hundreds of tiny chickpeas. I made my go-to hummus recipe with these chickpeas (now sans skin), and the result was everything I had been trying to create for years.

Next time you're prepping to make your own hummus, take the time to remove the skins from the chickpeas, and you'll be surprised at the texture difference. If you have other hands in your household, recruit them to help with the task. It's tedious, but it's very much worth it.

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